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Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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    For those of us who spend countless hours working on the computer each day, the word “carpal tunnel syndrome” sends a shudder through our frames. While it is impossible to completely prevent this painful and life-altering condition, this blog post will focus on some of the ways that you can reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Carpel Tunnel

    Do Away With Repetitive Movements
    While this may be impossible for those of us who are slaves to typing, it’s important to avoid repetitive movements. Find ways to put the least amount of stress on your hands when doing every day things such as using the computer or talking on the phone.

    Take Breaks
    To allow good blood flow and relieve stress, take frequent breaks when you do things such as work at the computer. There are also some wrist exercises which can be beneficial before and after you hit the keyboard.

    Re-situate the Desk
    To best prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need to re-arrange your office or work place. Research shows that it is important that you keep your computer level with your elbows, putting less pressure on your wrists. This may be the perfect excuse to go buy that new desk you were looking at.

    Improve that Posture
    When your mother complained about you slouching, her advice truly was worth listening to. Having poor posture can increase your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. So, start paying attention to your mom and stand up straight.

    Stay Healthy Overall
    While it sounds strange, some well-known conditions such as diabetes and arthritis can make you a more likely candidate for carpal tunnel syndrome. Smoking also adds to your risk. To best prevent the condition, it is important to stay healthy by maintaining a good weight, exercising, eating right, and drinking plenty of water. To make sure your body is in the best condition and to control diabetes and arthritis, you can look into natural, low-risk health solutions.

    Watch for the Warning Signs
    If you start to experience tingling, numbness, or pain in your wrists than you may be experiencing the warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. You should see a doctor as soon as possible or take even more measures to prevent putting stress on your wrists.

    When you work to change your lifestyle, your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome are significantly reduced. Don’t allow yourself to become a slave to this condition; start improving the way you live right now before the problem has a chance to develop.

    Tips for Better Sleep

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      Sleeping less than eight hours or not achieving quality sleep is harmful to the body. Lack of quality sleep can affect more than your health. It can significantly affect performance at work and safety in daily tasks. There are many causes for poor sleep, but establishing a solid sleep ritual will enhance quality sleep at night.


      Set a regular bedtime and wake time. It is important to set a time at night to go to bed. Establishing a natural circadian rhythm will greatly increase quality sleep at night. Pick a time when your body naturally becomes tired. When this time has been established, try to maintain the same sleep time despite temptation to stay up on weekends. If it is necessary to change the bedtime, make adjustments in small increments. It is inevitable to lose sleep due to circumstances. The best way to recover this loss of sleep is to take a daytime nap. Many individuals make the mistake of waking up later to recover. Taking daytime naps will help to maintain the circadian rhythm.

      The most common enemy of sleep is our bedroom. The sole purpose of the bedroom is for rest and relaxation. Some individuals use the bedroom to watch television or read a book before going to sleep. The body associates the bedroom with a mental stimulus and not a relaxing environment. The first step to reclaiming the bedroom is achieving a comfortable environment. Remove all electronics from the bedroom. A telephone is acceptable on a low set ring tone. If possible eliminate any outside sounds such as barking dogs or loud neighbors. Using a white noise machine will help to eliminate outside stimuli. Earplugs may also help. Keep the room dark and cool by using curtains that eliminate light. These curtains can also block out heat which also helps to keep the temperature of the room down. Ensure that the temperature is set to approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A bedroom that is too hot or cold interferes with quality sleep. Use bed linens that are weather appropriate.

      Quality sleep can be achieved with an established circadian rhythm and reclaiming the bedroom. By doing these things, the body will make mental associations that trigger a natural relaxation for sleep. Natural sleep treatments help to enhance the quality of sleep at night. Utilizing these natural treatments for sleep does not produce a groggy aftereffect. Many natural sleep aids allow the individual to wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the next day.

      Improve Your Health With H2O

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        In a time when studies are constantly informing us about the benefits of the newest health drinks, it’s hard to decide exactly what we should reach for when we open the cooler. While there are huge amounts of research that show us beverages such as green tea and grape juice are good for our health, the truth remains that good old water is the best thing you can possible put into your body. Below, you’ll find some of the ways that H2O can work to promote your health and protect your well-being, providing your body with exactly what it needs.


        Skin Care
        While we personally pour hundreds of dollars into makeup, facial creams, lotions, and special soaps, getting healthier skin maybe as easy as turning on your faucet. When you are dehydrated, your body cannot properly dispose of toxins; instead, they are often sent out through skin pores increasing your chances of getting acne. When you choose to drink the proper amount of water, toxins can be removed through urine. Drinking water may give you a better skin tone, younger skin, and brighter eyes in addition to removing acne.

        Dropping Pounds
        If you’re not keeping enough water in your system, then it is doubtful that your metabolism is functioning properly. Your metabolism is what works to convert fat into energy. When your metabolism is off, it is virtually impossible to lose weight. By drinking water, you can give your metabolism the boost that it needs. Water is also free of any fattening substances and is completely good for your over-all health. Drinking water also helps you to feel full and you won’t be as tempted to eat snacks during the day. If you’re trying to lose weight, then be sure to add drinking lots of water to your plan of exercise, dieting, and natural weight loss pills.

        Improve the Immune System
        Since water helps to flush our bodies of dangerous toxins, it also works to boost your immune system and ward away diseases. Water is known to fight serious conditions like flu, kidney stones, heart attack, and even some forms of cancer! Headaches, which are often caused by dehydration, can usually be cured by drinking enough water.

        Think More Clearly
        A lack of hydration can throw your entire body off kilter by over-working your organs and making you feel exhausted. Drinking water can also help you to concentrate better and be more alert. Grabbing a bottle of water maybe just what you need to improve your grades and boost your work ethic.

        The age-old recommendation of 8 glasses of water each day was not simply thought up to torture us; water truly is a necessary part of keeping your body and mind health and functioning properly. So the next time you find yourself wondering what to drink with lunch reach for a glass of cold, refreshing water and give your body the boost that it needs.