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Booze Boosts Problem Solving?

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As with virtually any substance on earth, there are constant stories by news outlets touting the latest benefits or dangers; however a recent study by the University of Illinois-Chicago has stated that drinking alcohol can actually benefit you when trying to solve problems. The study has been lent credence by the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences, which stated that the research involved offered evidence that drinking alcohol in moderate amounts helped to quell parts of the brain involved in focus, thereby inducing more creative passageways to solving problems.

Alcohol Boosts Problem Solving

Essentially, the study involved individuals imbibing alcohol and then being asked to solve a variety of problems on tests. The study found that a slight majority of people who had been drinking did better and answered questions correctly faster than their non-drinking counterparts.

The issue, however, is that the amount of alcohol consumed can affect the results. While the study found people with a blood-alcohol concentration under .07% had the best results, people with a blood-alcohol concentration over .07 had the worst results. This suggests that alcohol itself is not to blame for the success of this study, but the amount of alcohol is. Basically, alcohol in limited amounts can help, but alcohol in excessive amounts can be a curse.

When a person imbibes an amount of alcohol that leads to a .07% BAC, they typically tend to have partial impairment of memory functions. This means that they are able to focus on specific tasks without that pesky memory getting in the way, leading them to think about multiple things at once. Essentially, disabling this temporary memory mechanism allows these individuals to focus on the task at hand without tainting the task with over-thinking. Of course, too much alcohol, or over .07% BAC can lead to disjointed thinking, reasoning and too much memory loss, and these individuals continue to follow the same thought patterns over and over. The latter event leads to decreased productivity and confusion.

Of course, if you’re going to drink, no matter what the scientific research suggests, you should always do so responsibly. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that alcohol is often used to relieve stress, and it can also cause various health problems. Instead of turning to alcohol, you can also use natural alternatives to relieve stress. These natural alternatives rarely cause adverse reactions, and many of them can work with your body to help you relax, rejuvenate and sleep soundly.



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