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How Weather Affects the Body

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011No Commented
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If you suffer from allergies, joint pain, headaches or migraines, you probably already know that these ailments can be affected by changes in the weather. Many people have intensified symptoms during weather shifts, as well as during storms, but why? How does the weather actually affect our body?

Weather Effects on Joint Pain

First, it’s important to distinguish between the weather actually affecting the body and the body reacting to weather conditions. For instance, people that suffer from asthma related to exercise may tend to have attacks more in colder weather. While at first, this may seem like a direct correlation between the body and the weather, it really isn’t. Because fast breathing in cold weather does not offer a chance for air to get warm before entering the lungs, swelling can occur, triggering asthma attacks and reduced breathing capacity. Additionally, thunderstorms can set pollen free into the air, leaving people with allergies to suffer more during the rainy weather.

However, some people actually do experience changes in their body due to the weather, and unfortunately, medical explanations are in short supply. Many people that are predisposed to suffering from migraines find that wet weather, including damp climates, exacerbate symptoms. In addition, people that suffer from joint pain and arthritis tend to feel the effects of their conditions much more during extreme temperature drops and in generally colder weather.

One explanation for the effects of weather on those suffering from migraines and joint pain is barometric pressure. As the pressure around us changes, even slightly, there is a change in the fluid levels in our body. Someone that is already predisposed to joint pain or migraines may have extra pressure placed on the affected area as a result of pressure changes in the atmosphere, thereby causing more pain. Certain parts of the body also contain baro-receptors that are very sensitive to slight changes in barometric pressure in the atmosphere.

Many people that suffer from these ailments are able to seek medical assistance from their primary care physician. There are a variety of drugs available for people suffering from migraines, allergies, joint pain and asthma, and many of these drugs can be used to combat weather related symptoms as well. Additionally, there are a number of natural therapies available to combat the pain associated with seasonal symptoms. In fact, many people turn to natural treatments for their seasonal ailments due lower costs and fewer side effects than traditional prescriptions. If you find yourself suffering more during changes in the weather, it is important to speak with your doctor to discuss treatment options, including natural solutions.



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