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While you’ve probably seen countless websites that promote natural medicine as a way to cure a problem, new research is showing that these amazing natural products may do more for your health than you imagine. That’s right: whereas over-the-counter or prescription medications often cause harmful side effects, natural medicines go above and beyond when it comes to healing, not only helping you with your problem but also working to improve your overall health. Below you’ll find some of the ingredients which are often used in natural products, and how they may do more than simply fix the issue at hand.

Echinacea Angustifolia

Also known as the purple cone flower, Echinacea is a popular herb which is often found in many skin care products that treat problems such as acne or boils. Aside from making your skin smooth, Echinacea can give a boost to your immune system, helping to ward off colds, illness, and infection. A German study group has found that Echinacea may even help to prevent serious viruses such as the Swine flu.

Pumpkin Seed

Many products, especially natural bladder control medications, contain pumpkin seed extract. After researching these medications, you’ll see that pumpkin seed is an age-old cure for urinary problems; however, you may not have realized that this ingredient does much more than just fix incontinence. Pumpkin seed extract has also been listed as a tool used in the fight against common problems like depression, osteoporosis, and high cholesterol. This wonderful supplement can also prevent harmful parasites and may cut down on your risk of cancer.


Occasionally found in thyroid products, ginger is also a favorite for curing and preventing other conditions. Like Echinacea, ginger can boost your immune system to keep you healthy and out of the sickbed. It also has amazing results in relieving pain, migraines, and heartburn, and can also help with motion or morning sickness. Ginger can also prevent or even cure certain types of cancer.

Acai Berry Extract

Known for its great weight-loss benefits, acai is often included in products that help users naturally shed the pounds; however, acai berry extract can also help you in a wide variety of other ways. The acai berry is also known for improving your immune system, preventing cancer, boosting your memory, and slowing the aging process.

These are just a few of the wonderful products that nature has given us. The next time you pop open a bottle of natural medicine, realize that you’re not only working to relieve or cure a problem, but also to improve your entire well being.



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