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The Over-Prescription Craze

Monday, February 28th, 2011No Commented
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As children, our parents were quick to assure us that doctors were the good guys, people who were always looking out for our best interests and would do what was right for our health. For most people, this idea of medical professionals is firmly ingrained in their minds. While the idea of an all-caring, all-knowing doctor is certainly pleasant, it is not always accurate. One of the many short comings of medical doctors is known as over-prescribing.


If we’re honest, we’ve all probably experienced this at some time in our lives. We go to the doctor for one thing, and come home with prescriptions to cure something else. Doctors are quick to prescribe medicine for any symptom you might have – a decision that is quickly becoming an epidemic in the medical community.

Do American doctors over-prescribe? According to research, doctors in America are two to ten times more likely to prescribe medication for symptoms than doctors in any other country. While this should make Americans healthier than those living in any other nation, this is not the case; those living in England, where doctors are less likely to prescribe medication, have a higher rate of survival.

Medication for depression is often over-prescribed with doctors ready to write a prescription for any amount of anxiety. While some people may have found relief in a new diet, taking supplemental pills, or talking to a counselor, those prescribed medication often become addicted, unable to move forward and more depressed than ever before.

Pain medication is also over-prescribed by many doctors. Proof of this can be taken from a 2010 Tampa trial where a doctor was accused of over-prescribing medicine. Undercover detectives entered the doctor’s office complaining of pain and were able to obtain Vicodin, Robaxin, Xanax, Flexeril, and Percocet without an examination. When one of the detectives claimed to have used and liked a certain drug belonging to his friend, the doctor was quick to write him a prescription for the same pills.

If other doctors are happy to over-prescribe, why don’t you think your doctor would be?

Truth be told, we simply don’t need all of the medicine that doctors are so quick to prescribe. Yes, antibiotics and other life-saving medicines are important and can’t be ignored; however, there are many prescriptions which may cause more damage to your health than the benefits are worth.

Unless you are suffering from serious or possibly life-threatening symptoms, consider looking into natural products rather than filling that latest prescription. There are many holistic and herbal products on the market which are low risk and non-habit forming, letting you alleviate your symptoms without causing terrible side effects. The choice is yours: Will you decide to go with the crowd and be sucked into a prescription craze, or do what is best for your health by only taking the medicine you need?



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