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Sleep? Yes. But Keep Breathing.

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Poor Sleep

Poor Sleep

Breathing. Something that we do unconsciously for the most part right? Unless you’re taking yoga and practice qi gong, it’s a fairly automated function and requires no conscious control or thought. However, there are times when the automated biological function fails us. If it should occur while you’re awake, you may be able to find relief almost immediately. But what if it happens while you’re asleep?

Sleep apnea is when your airway collapses and causes a vibration of the tissues. That vibration is also called snoring. Sometimes, the symptoms of sleep apnea are more severe causing suffocation and even asphyxiation. Not being able to breathe while sleeping is frightening. Not only is it life threatening but it can diminish the quality of life. Sleep apnea also disrupts normal sleep patterns which can lead to feeling tired all day.

Many have tried so many things to prevent it. From nasal sprays, mouth guards to various products chemically formulated to increase airways. We’ve all heard of breathe-rite strips which can feel like duck tape being ripped off your nose for those who have tried it. There are also several devices that some insert into the nostrils to keep breathing easy but it seems that by far naturally formulated oral products work the best. Whatever you decide to do to remedy blocked or collapsed airways it must be effective and not be the cause other health problems.

Some persons with particular medical conditions are more at risk. Diabetics have a greater challenge managing their diabetes due to insulin resistance if they suffer from sleep apnea. How many of us have high cholesterol. Experts have found that persons who had severe sleep apnea ate a diet that was unhealthy and that included high cholesterol, fat and saturated fatty acids. Also, if you are one of those persons who eat a large portion of food late or just before bedtime you are risking poor heart function necessary for healthy breathing.

It is recommended you eat earlier, at least several hours before bedtime, avoid high cholesterol foods and if you are already experiencing trouble breathing while you sleep or snoring look into a natural product to help manage and control it until your body returns to normal respiratory function.
Do you have any thoughts or other recommendations? If you do we welcome your remarks. Otherwise, sleep tight and breathe easy.



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