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Nail Polish, Artificial Nails & Nail Fungus

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Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Nail polish is a nail varnish or lacquer applied to toenails or fingernails. Nail polish can really adorn nails beautifully. But it is used not only for appearance but also as nail protection. Nail polish is worn by both men and women. How many times have you seen male rock musicians adorn themselves with varying colors of nail polish as a fashion statement. Nail polish has a long history and the product itself has gone through several evolutions to what it is today.

Another widely used product is artificial nails. Women use these widely and some men swear by them when playing the guitar because it helps them to pick the strings more cleanly to produce a more articulate sound without having to grow out and constantly manicure natural nails.

Unfortunately some people use nail polish and artificial nails to cover up nail fungus. Are you one of them? A natural remedy applied right away is the most effective solution when nail fungus presents itself. Waiting any longer for the infection to go deeper will be harder to treat. And although it may look nice on the surface, guaranteed what lies beneath the surface is a bed of bacteria rapidly spreading. Wearing dark color nail polish will not stop the bacteria and eventually not even the nail polish will conceal it.

Artificial nails can become loosened. When this happens, they can trap moisture between the stick on, press-on or artificial nail and your own natural nail. The moisture collects in the pockets created once the adhesive holding the artificial nail to your own gets weaker and loosens. Bacteria can only thrive in warn, dark and damp environments and they are small enough to make that tiny space a home for breeding.

Nail fungus can present itself on toenails or fingernails as thickened, discolored or ragged and brittle looking. It can take months for new healthy nails to grow after treatment. There are natural products that address this problem without running the risk of developing other side effects and they also prevent recurrences. So by all means sport those exotic nail polish colors and wear artificial nails responsibly and always keep some natural antifungal available just in case.



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  1. Gianna Ravi says:

    Laser toenail fungus treatment works very well. Better than topical solutions. Just 30 min, and you are done. Though it costs…

  2. Ruby Youngquist says:

    Yes diet is also very important, but as you say, this is portable and that is the idea behind the gadget

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