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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks show up for a variety of reasons. When the skin layers are stretched to where elasticity breaks down, microscopic bleeding starts to occur. This is accompanied by inflammation of skin tissue, which creates that purplish and red look we know as stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Can Appear On Hips

As the skin stretches the top layer of the skin (epidermis) until you can see the making it translucent enough that you can see purplish and red marks beginning to form. These marks eventually heal and leave a scar or stretch mark. After some time, this mark fades to a lighter color, a few shades lighter than your skin’s natural tone. The lighter color is a result of the disruption in collagen. This can cause loss of skin pigment producing cells.

These marks tend to appear on the hips, thighs, butt and breasts. Woman experience stretch marks during pregnancy. Also, stretch marks, though more common in females, do occur in males as well.

Pregnancy Causes Stretch Marks

The appearance of stretch marks is normal for teen-age girls and boys. It is a natural part of puberty. As they go through their respective growth spurts, which is common during puberty, the skin does stretch causing fine lines. The skin is literally pulled by the rapid growth and stretching. The skin is naturally flexible but when the elasticity is pushed far enough collagen (a protein that makes up skin tissue) becomes disrupted. The result is the formation of stretch marks.

Obese individuals and bodybuilders tend to have stretch marks. Stretch marks can also present themselves on individuals that use steroid-containing creams or ointments for several weeks. High doses of oral corticosteroids taken for several months and longer can also cause these marks to appear.

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