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What are Probiotics?

The Advantages Of Probiotics

Over the years, bacteria have received a bad reputation for causing disease. Hand sanitizer is the biggest craze advertising 99.99% of all bacteria are destroyed. Despite the bad press for bacteria, there are forms of bacteria that benefit the human body. Studies have suggested that certain illness can be prevented with the proper supplementation of certain living bacteria. Foods and supplements rich in probiotics contain these helpful bacteria. The most common types of probiotics are Lactic Acide bacteria, Bifido bacteria, and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Probiotics are supplemented as a normal part of daily nutrition. Some common forms of probiotics that occur are in yogurt, soy yogurt and natural supplements. In Japan, probiotic beverages are popular for big business.


Probiotics work as an agent to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that reside within the digestive system. These harmful bacteria cause digestive stress in the form of diarrhea and upset stomach. A benefit of probiotics is the treatment of diarrhea. Antibiotics kill bacteria despite being good or bad. Probiotics work to replenish the amount of good bacteria within the body. A decrease in the good bacteria results in diarrhea. Supplementation of probiotics helps replace the good bacteria and prevent diarrhea.

Probiotics are also known for maintaining regular bowel movements. A decrease in good bacteria may also lead to infections such as urinary and vaginal infection. Another benefit of probiotics deals with the body's ability to absorb nutrients from foods. Probiotics increases our body's ability to absorb certain vitamins such as vitamin B, calcium, and other nutrients found in our food. Probiotics work to stimulate the body's immune system against illness. Current studies have also shown that supplementing probiotics protects against gum disease and bad breath. Some of the properties within probiotics have been linked towards lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

The purpose of probiotics is to balance your body's good bacteria levels. Many new case studies regarding the healing properties of probiotics are being conducted today. Probiotics are safe to supplement and are already a natural part of the human digestive system.

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