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What Is A Boil?

A boil is patch of skin that has become infected and filled with pus. It is also referred to as a lesion. Boils are generally firm to the touch and quite painful. Most persons develop boils in the groin, buttocks or underarm area. When boils form in clusters, they are called carbuncles. Carbuncles generally form in and around the neck and inner thighs.

There are different types of boils that one could develop. Regardless of the boil type, all of them fill with pus. Where does the pus we see in boils (and other types of skin protrusions) come from?


The pus within a boil is made up of thin protein fluid and dead cells. Neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cell produced in the bone marrow, are released into the blood. When infection occurs these neutrophils do battle against the infection engulfing and killing bacteria at the site. Afterwards, the neutrophils die break them down further is the white-yellowish viscous material we see. The existence of pus shows that our immune system is working to fight off the infection.

For the most part, boils start as small tender red lumps. After these lumps become filled with pus and increase in size, they rupture. This is often accompanied by pain. Once the boil ruptures, if not properly cared for, the infection that initially caused the formation could spread.

There are natural treatments for boil formations that can treat the problem quickly without side effects. Since boil formations are generally accompanied by pain, you would do well to not only find a natural product to reduce the appearance boils but one that also addresses the great discomfort the boil formation can cause.

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