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Types Of Boils

Skin boil formation fall in to a few different categories though they all have essentially the same makeup. All boils begin as a red patch eventually growing in size. All boils get filled with pus; the indication you’re your body is fighting back. The categories are as follows:


Furuncles are boils brought on by infection in the hair follicle. Their development is not particular to any part of the body. However, they commonly occur on the face, neck, thigh, buttocks and underarm. The appearance of boils on the nose and ear are less common. Furuncles can also spread and cause a deeper infection called carbuncles.

CarbunclesBoil Carbuncles

Carbuncles are furuncles that usually form in clusters. They typically gather on the back of the neck, shoulders, hips and thighs. Carbuncles usually last longer than other types of boils because the infection is deeper.

Hidradenitis Supparativa

Boils that fall into this category usually develop inside the underarm and around the groin. Hidradenitis supparativa presents itself when sweat glands become inflamed and infected. In extreme cases, this type of boil requires surgical removal.

Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne occurs when there is a clog or plug in your hair follicle. Excess oil in the skin can trap dirt and bacteria causing a cyst. Cystic acne is not the same thing as regular acne or pimples. Cystic acne affects skin tissue at a much deeper level. The most common area for this type of boil is the face especially during teen-age years.

Pilonidal Cysts

This type of cyst is also referred to as a rectal boil (forming in the cleft of the buttocks). They start as infections of the hair follicle making it very painful to sit down or walk. They tend to drain without warning and they are often recurring.

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