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Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland can be found just below the Adam's apple in the neck and is shaped like a butterfly. The thyroid hormone controls the body’s energy, other hormones, vitamin use and body tissue growth. There are many symptoms with a thyroid condition: change in appetite, chest pain, nausea, sweating, fever, hyperactivity, painful breathing, hair loss and weakened bones to name just a few.

Being so little, the thyroid can cause a lot of problems because it releases hormones that affect nearly all of the functions of the body. Producing too little or too much thyroid hormone are the most common diseases that occur. There is a very easy test that can be taken to determine how much thyroid hormone the body is producing. The symptoms of thyroid condition vary so greatly that a test of the thyroid is usually not considered. Many times a rapid heartbeat can be an overactive thyroid or fatigue a symptom for an under active thyroid. Other conditions from the thyroid may include goiter, cancer or autoimmune thyroid disease.

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There are 13 million Americans that are affected by a thyroid condition, more women than men, according to the National Graves’ Foundation. It is known that about one in eight women will develop a thyroid condition some time in her life. Women may have a thyroid dysfunction more than men, but most do not know that they have one. Many times they overlook symptoms or think they are symptoms for some other condition.

Natural medicines for a thyroid condition are being bought because the prices of prescriptions are just too costly. The best treatment for thyroid conditions may be the natural approach. Natural medicine ingredients are all-natural with no laboratory chemicals in them. This means there is no risk of harmful side effects. Prescription medicines are usually made with synthetic laboratory chemicals that often have undesired side effects. Natural medicines for thyroid are made with organic ingredients like sea plants and herbs. Natural medicine can be bought without a prescription so it will save you the time and money of the office visit. With the ingredients being from nature they are proven to aid in a healthy thyroid.

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