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Various Treatments for Stretch Marks

Most of us would rather live without stretch marks and may not have had the time to investigate the various treatments available. Even after your investigation, how do we know what really works as an effective way to reduce these unsightly blemishes?

There are ways to reduce the appearance of these skin flaws and some are some better than others. Let's review all the main ones:



This method involves the use of fine crystals to scrape or grate the skin in order to stimulate the production of collagen. This procedure requires numerous treatments and must be administered by a doctor. It also has a very costly price tag.

Laser Surgery

The results for this method are mixed. Sometimes, the surgery causes more scars than the initial condition of the skin. There can also be pigment changes which just introduces another problem. Lastly, it is an expensive process and only a doctor can perform it.

Surgical Skin Resection

This describes the process of surgically cutting out stretch marks. First off, this is quite pricey also requiring a doctor to administer the procedure. The procedure comes with risks and it is not a recommended procedure for all patients. It may exclude certain individuals with particular pre-existing skin conditions. In addition, the procedure does not fall under any medical coverage.

Cocoa Butter Not A Solution

Cocoa Butter

This and other over-the-counter skin creams will soften your skin but will not get deep enough to reduce or repair stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Creams

Many consider these products to be a waste of money or in the category of “snake oil” with the promise of producing fast and noticeable improvements. There are a few all-natural products that do improve skin tone, elasticity and durability.

If the product can actually improve the collagen supply in the skin and address all skin problems at once, then the product is definitely worth looking into. Some of the better stretch mark creams show improvement in as little as a few weeks.

One rule of thumb is to review product ingredients and product guarantees when deciding which cream to choose. Compared to other treatments, a good quality stretch mark cream is very affordable for most of us.

Stretch Mark Treatment Reviews


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