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The Truth About Natural Herbal Supplements

There are many forms of supplemental aid in the world today. Some of these supplements are manufactured and heavily processed to the point that they lose all of their original value in favor of a refined version that may or may not be as effective. The other type of supplement is touted as a natural herbal supplement. The primary difference between these two supplemental types is that natural ones are not refined as heavily and most of their capacity remains intact. An example of the two supplements would be a pill formed by taking a few dozen plant or animal parts and heavily processing them to give someone a nutritional boost when compared to something along the lines of green tea or even the extract of said tea.

Some natural herbal supplements are refined more than others. However, the end result of this processing is still much different than the manufactured versions that may or may not have negative side effects. The general belief many have is that a supplement is any substance that aids the body in its function while not actively being considered either a drug or food. Vitamins are considered supplements, for instance.

However, with slight processing even a food source becomes a supplemental source. The renowned plant ginseng can be made into a tea that many would consider a beverage. With slight refinement this plant source can be encapsulated and increased in potency. All this refinement does is allow for more of the health benefits to be packed into a single pill. There are none of the heavy leaching processes that many of the harsh supplements undergo. Despite the hype from some companies and herb sellers in general there can be negative side effects from using all natural herbs. These side effects vary, however, it should be noted that these negative effects are generally much less of an issue than heavily processed drugs.

Despite any statements that might be made by some pharmaceutical companies natural herbal supplements are proven to be effective and safer to use than harsh drugs and chemicals. They are an excellent way to stay healthy while avoiding the high price or excessive negative side effects of heavily manufactured and processed supplements. Prescription drugs have proven to cause as much harm as they help. In emergency situations these extremely potent medications can save a life. However, day to day use of such is overkill in the extreme. A smart individual will use the medicine and supplements that nature crafted and save the expensive, side-effect riddled medication for the emergency room

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