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Natural Hair Loss Cures

Natural Cures for Hair Loss

There is nothing more heartbreaking to a woman than to realize she is losing her hair. Long gone are the days of trying to brush the unruly locks back or having her husband run his fingers through her hair; instead, she finds herself leaning over the sink, crying as she tries to count the stands that lurk in the drain.

Natural Hair Loss Cures

Hair loss is a sad reality to many men and women across the country. While there are many procedures, such as hair transplants, that can help a person regain their luscious locks, they are often dangerous and certain to cause discomfort or even severe pain. The following will explain some of the natural ways that you can regain the hair that you have lost.

1. Cut down on styling abuse. Hair is very sensitive to harsh styling conditions such as extreme heat; if your hair is already weak and beginning to fall out, then it is imperative that you stop using harmful styling techniques. Try to stay away from the blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener, or at least minimize the time you spend using them – especially during the winter months.

2. Watch what you eat. Just like it affects every other part of your body, what you eat can also affect your hair. Eating foods that are rich in minerals and proteins can help to keep your hair healthy and on your head.

3. Raid the herb store. There are lots of herbs that are effective in hair re-growth, so go raid the herb store and buy to your heart's content. Some of the herbs that have been proven beneficial include dong quai, capsicum, and rosemary.

4. Start taking natural hair loss medication. Yes, it can be hard to find hair loss solutions which don't include dangerous chemicals, but they are out there. Search for re-growth formulas which contain only natural ingredients such as vitamin B6, magnesium, and purified water.

5. Drink some tea. Just when you thought you'd heard all the benefits of green tea, you are proven wrong! While green tea maybe beneficial to a multitude of health issues, it can also help re-grow hair. Sit down to read a book with a cup of green tea – you'll be happy that you did.

By taking the time to improve your diet, change your attitude about styling, and take natural hair loss solutions, your painful balding experience will soon be a thing of the past.

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