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Nail Fungus Treatments

Nail fungus is also called Onychomycosis. Affecting about 12% of Americans it occurs most frequently on the toe nail, but also occurs in fingernails. To treat it is necessary to find a treatment that is right for you. A treatment that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Certainly a treatment that works effectively.

On the market today there are several options for the treatment of nail fungus. One of the currently used treatments is the use of nail fungus laser treatment. Nail fungus laser treatment uses infrared lasers to kill the fungus in up to a 30 minute session. Because insurance companies consider this treatment as cosmetic, and will not pay for it, laser treatment can often be very expensive, costing up to $3000. Generally you will wait 4 to 6 months to determine if the treatment was successful, with new nail re growth. Additional treatments may be necessary after this time, if the first treatment didn't work. Costing more time and money.

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Other treatments include both prescription and over the counter medications. Prescription medications for the treatment of nail fungus come in both topical and oral form. Topical applications can have side effects of skin irritations, redness and itchiness. The most common side effects to oral prescription medication are severe stomachache and headaches. Both treatment options take upwards of 9 months to resolve the fungal issue.

One option to consider, that has been proven to solve nail fungus problems and growth, is herbal remedies. Natural oils work as natural antiseptics as well as exfoliate. This both softens skin and helps remove dead skin cells, which will allow the fungus to be reached and killed. Lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil are all also common uses for the treatment of nail fungus.

Of course, not everything will always work the same for all people. But using these economic and natural choices as great alternatives is good for our health, our environment, and our pockets as well.

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