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Menopause Hormone Therapy Dangers

The Dangers Of Menopause Hormone Therapy

When you go to the doctor to discuss your problems with menopause, it is likely that he will prescribe or recommend some sort of medicine which will replace your hormones such as estrogen and progestin. While the medicine may make big claims, such as providing relief to regular menopause symptoms such as hot flashes in addition to protecting you against heart disease, dementia, and weak bones, it is important that you truly understand the risks of these hormone replacements before you start taking them.

Menopause Hormone Therapy

Not What They Seem

Yes, they boast big things; however, medicines used in hormone therapy may not be able to stand up to their claims. In 2004, the Women's Health Initiative conducted a study which gave evidence that these hormone replacements do nothing to protect a woman's heart and may instead increase her risk of health-related problems.

Dangers and Health Risks

In 2002, research went so far as to show that hormone therapy for menopause may increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots. Further studies showed that women who used hormone replacements had a 70 percent increase in their chance of developing breast cancer. The same therapy may also increase risks of heart disease by 81 percent after only one year of treatment. The increased risk of health problems among women actually forced the research to stop three years before their scheduled time in an effort to protect the women who were putting themselves at risk. Studies have also shown that women who take hormone therapy later into menopause may be putting themselves at a greater risk of developing dementia. It almost seems that if the medicine boasts that it will protect you from a health condition it will actually put you at a higher risk!

Another Option

While many women feel that they either have to take hormone medicine or face the miserable side-effects of menopause, this is far from the truth. Thanks to the low-risk, natural remedies that the earth has provided us with, it is possible for menopausal women to get relief from the regular hot flashes, cold sweats, headaches, and sleepless nights without harming their bodies. Herbal or natural remedies will work with you body rather than against it, giving you a chance to fight menopause symptoms while doing what is best for your body.

Don't force yourself to suffer through miserable menopause symptoms; instead, choose a low-risk product straight from mother earth and enjoy the benefits of menopause relief without the health problems associated with hormone replacement.


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