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Menopause and Sex

Menopause Effect On Sexual Relations

Given enough time, every woman must face a fact of life; menopause. Women going through menopause may not understand the changes going on within their own body, and this can make it difficult to discuss with others, including doctors. Unfortunately, one of the most cumbersome issues to discuss regarding menopause is sex, and often women going through menopause may simply choose to ignore the issue altogether. In turn, this can lead to problems within a relationship, as well as with their own self image.

Menopause and Sex

When women go through menopause, hormone levels drop, leading to a number of symptoms, including vaginal dryness, low sex drive and depression. When these symptoms occur, a woman's sex life may suffer, leading to further depression, as well as anxiety and stress. This cycle then continues, leaving some women to feel as though they will never regain control of their sex lives. While there are some medicinal options available through prescription drugs for the sexual side effects of menopause, these options are often expensive and require multiple treatments to obtain the desired effect.

Instead of medical treatments, some women choose to use counseling as a way to rekindle their sexual desire. Through sessions with a sex therapist, some women are able to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they feel, both of which play a large part in a menopausal woman's lack of sex drive. In addition, women going through menopause can use things like lubricants to relieve vaginal dryness or hormone creams to stimulate blood flow and sensitivity to the vagina.

Another option to increase sex drive and relieve symptoms in menopausal women is to use natural supplements. Natural options work with the body to increase mood, relieve vaginal dryness, as well as support hormonal balance. Many times, natural supplements can offer an alternative to prescription medications with fewer side effects and at a lower price. Some natural supplements for menopause relief also include antioxidants, which promote vitality throughout the mind and body while fighting the signs of aging. This added benefit, in addition to an increased sex drive, can be a real advantage for women seeking to restore their love life, as well as their happiness.

It's important to remember that only a doctor can diagnose menopause, so before beginning any type of treatment, you should consult with your physician to discuss all of your symptoms, as menopausal symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for other conditions.

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