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Insomnia Dangers

The Dangers of Insomnia

Everyone knows that insomnia is not a pleasant disorder; no one enjoys lying in bed for countless hours, turning from side to side and staring at the alarm clock, only to spend the next day feeling exhausted and worn out. While insomnia may be known as being unpleasant, few people realize how dangerous and life-changing it can be if not treated immediately.

Insomnia Leads to Heart Problems

A 2008 study showed that people who have problems sleeping may also be at risk for serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Research found that, the less sleep you have, the more calcium builds up in your arteries, a sure sign of future health problems. Those with insomnia may also have higher blood pressure.


Insomnia Leads to Wrecks

Due to lack of sleep, many people find themselves falling asleep at the wheel. Although caffeine may help you to stay alert, it is still likely that a person who has not had enough sleep will suffer the consequences when on the road. In fact, one in every five vehicle accidents is due to sleep deprivation or fatigue. Even closing your eyes for a split second can result in a tragic and fatal accident for both you and anyone else involved.

Other Serious Problems

Those who suffer from insomnia may also experience micro sleeps which are similar to blackouts. A lack of sleep may also have been connected with diabetes. People who are unable to get enough sleep at night will not be able to concentrate as well as those who have enjoyed a full eight hours of rest and may suffer from more stress. These symptoms can often affect one's ability to participate in relationships with others, perform well in the workplace, or make get grades at school.

What Should I Do?

Obviously, sleepless nights are no laughing matter; if you have problems sleeping, then it is important that you get help before you are affected by a serious medical condition. If you talk to your doctor about your sleep problems, it is likely that he will prescribe you with medications which will leave you feeling drowsy and miserable the next morning. By choosing to look into natural sleep remedies, you can find medication which will help you get the sleep you need and leave you feeling better in the morning, without the risk of becoming addicted.

Ingredients in Natural Sleep Aids

While other sleep medications may contain dangerous substances, natural sleep aids have lower risk ingredients such as piper longum root, St. Johns wort, relora, and calc sulph. These natural products will enable you to get the healthy rest that you need, without the worry of addiction or a hung-over feeling the next morning.

Insomnia is not just an annoying problem; it is a disorder which may prove fatal. Don't allow lack of sleep to put your life at risk, instead, look into natural sleep aids and start resting well tonight.

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