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Improve Pregnant Chances

Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

At some point in life, almost everyone wants to have a baby. If you and your spouse are anxious for a little bundle of joy, but having no luck, this article will explain some of the day-to-day habits or conditions that could be lowering your chances of conceiving.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant


While it is a well-known fact that smoking is not something to do while you're pregnant, few realize that the effects of your cigarettes may also leave you unable to easily become pregnant. A recent study in the United Kingdom found that an astonishing 95 percent of all women who smoke are significantly less fertile than those who do not. Before the husbands start stealing all the cigarette boxes from their wives, it's important to realize that smoking also affects a man's ability to have children by lowering his sperm count. Not only does a smoker have trouble fathering children but, if he is smoking when a child is conceived, that child may also have fertility problems. If you're trying to conceive but have a smoking problem, look into natural smoking aids - these can help you to kick the habit without any dangerous side effects that might further your problems with infertility.


Time spent worrying about getting pregnant may actually lower your chances of conceiving. When you allow baby blues or any other types of worry to get you down, you're less likely to get pregnant. Try to eliminate stress by getting your life in order, taking time to relax with a good book, participating in enjoyable activities, and taking natural stress relief medication.

Lack of Sleep

While this isn't one that you expect right off, a lack of sleep may also have something to do with your problems conceiving. Studies show that sleep is important in more than one way, and eight hours of sleep may be just what you need to help you get those baby socks in your hope chest onto a pair of little feet! If you have trouble sleeping, check out natural sleep aids, and start taking steps to get better rest by setting up a bed time, not drinking caffeine in the late afternoon, and scheduling activities for earlier in the day.


People who are overweight have a harder time conceiving, so it's important to improve your health through diet and exercise. Eating plans such as the Mediterranean Diet are currently noted as being both healthy and a sure way to lose weight. While exercising may not sound like fun, a half-hour run every day may actually prove to be enjoyable, at the same time helping to relieve you of stress and helping you to get better sleep at night.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your quest to become pregnant. If you think you need medication to help you with some of these things, such as insomnia or smoking, look into taking all-natural products which are low-risk and won't destroy your chances of conceiving.

By taking the right steps to promote better health and well-being, you can greatly increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant.

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