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Importance Of Oral Hygiene

Brush your Teeth to Prevent a Heart Attack

Everyday we come across strange and unbelievable information, but some of it is perfectly true – as it is in this case. Did you know that cardiac arrests have been associated with germs and bacteria that develop in your mouth because of improper oral hygiene conditions? You can stay away from a number of bacteria and germs that thrive in your mouth by brushing your teeth regularly, twice a day, and save yourself from the chances of a heart attack!

According to experts from esteemed medical institutes like University College London, the chances of picking up a cardiac disease is doubled when you don’t brush your teeth daily or maintain proper oral hygiene. Gum diseases give rise to bacteria in the mouth that result in inflammation. Such inflammation can be easily cured through the proper oral hygiene techniques.

Brushing Teeth Prevents Heart Attacks

However, if such a condition is left unattended for long, the inflammation may lead to plaque and blood clots which may take a more severe turn. Arteries can get completely blocked at times which creates high chances of a heart attack. Moreover, oral hygiene affects your respiratory system, your digestive system, and even your nervous system to some extent. Oral hygiene issues have led to rheumatoid arthritis as well in some cases as observed from ongoing research work.

The best practice is to brush your teeth twice a day, daily. Make sure you clean your mouth properly every time you eat some food. Use a reliable toothpaste brand for the best results, and a good toothbrush that can reach to each and every corner of your mouth.

Brush for at least two minutes. Your tongue needs proper cleaning, as it is often the place where the bacteria and germs thrive the most. You can use a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and your mouth clean too if bad breath is an issue for you. Visit a professional dentist to learn more about how to keep your mouth clean and stay away from the risks of having a heart attack!

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