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Hair Loss Treatment Dangers

Dangerous Hair Loss Treatments

If you notice that your hair is becoming a little thinner every time that you brush through it, you've probably started to consider treatment options. While there are several products on the market which can help to restore hair, these prescriptions often come with serious side effects.

Hair Loss

Allergic Reactions

Some users complain that they have unusual reactions to hair loss treatments. Some of these include scalp rash, increased acne, and itching. Although unpleasant, these side effects are not life threatening and can often be resolved with simple treatment plans.

Dangerous Reactions

People who use these treatments may also suffer more dangerous side effects such as headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, changes in heart beat, and low blood pressure.

Sexual Problems

The hair loss treatment Propecia, a drug specifically formulated for men, may cause users to have sexual problems. Not only might they see a decrease in their sex drive but Propecia may also cause impotence. Some researchers have speculated that Propecia may increase a man's risk of developing certain types of cancer; however, these results are open to discussion.

Unwanted Hair Growth

Some users of prescription or over-the-counter treatments may experience a huge boost in hair growth – not only on their heads, but in other places as well. If formula is mistakenly applied to a different area of the body, it may increase your chances of growing hair in that spot, creating a long-lasting problem that will require extra care and removal treatments.

Long Wait

When you begin to take a hair loss treatment, you're ready to see fast results; sadly, this is rarely the case. Most treatments take up to six months to begin working and may need to be taken as long as you want to retain the new hair that grows. While this would only be a slight inconvenience under normal circumstances, the fact that these products come with terrible side effects may make long term use unbearable.

What to Do?

If you are suffering from hair thinning or loss, then it is possible to regain your head of hair without facing the terrible side effects that over-the-counter or prescription treatments offer. Many people are finding relief from hair loss with all-natural products containing ingredients such as rosemary, yarrow, eastern purple coneflower, and pumpkin seed. Specially formulated with just the right ingredients to promote healthy hair growth, these products will help both women and men to re-grow the hair they have lost without the normal health risks.

Before you start a hair treatment plan, carefully consider all the dangers and possible side effects. Don't allow yourself to become a slave to a formula that ruins your life.

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