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Green Tea Benefits

Does Green Tea Really Have Any Benefits?

Although China and Japan (and a few other countries) were the sole consumers of green tea a few decades ago, this drink has achieved a huge popularity today all around the world. Even the British, whose love for black tea has always been a topic for conversation, have developed a strong liking towards this tea. And the reasons are undeniable!

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has shown a number of very notable benefits for the drinkers. For starters, green tea can help fight cancer! If you have heard of esophageal cancer, you should also know that the chances of one’s acquiring this disease can be reduced by almost 60% (calculated by various health experts through constant research) if the person is a regular drinker of green tea.

The Properties of Green Tea

On top of this, green tea has a number of other properties that can help fight other cancerous growth in your body. Health experts have found that a compound, called the EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) is the main reason for green tea showing such benefits for your body. This compound is seen to have strong anti-oxidizing properties which not only stop the growth of cancerous cells in one’s body but also helps kill such cells at times!

Green tea also helps with weight loss to a great extent. Green tea helps with enhancing metabolism and nutrition in your body. This helps you digest food better, and leaves less fats to get accumulated in your body.

The caffeine contained in this drink helps the proliferation of germs and bacteria to a great extent in the body, helping you get rid of a number of serious diseases. This can also help you fight oral bacteria, letting you enjoy fresher breath and less oral ulcers. Polyphenol content in this drink helps fight diseases like flu, common cold and also lets you enjoy a younger and fresher looking skin.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to give this great drink a try and see what your body can get out of it. Green tea can help you lead a healthier and fitter life after all!

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