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General Bladder Examinations

Though there are supplements available to assist you with your bladder control, supplements alone cannot do everything. If a bladder problem persists, you may need to make an appointment with your healthcare provider to find the underlying causes.

Bladder Examinations

A health care provider will have questions about symptoms experienced and the situations surrounding the bladder problem being discussed. A patient’s medical history is usually discussed including past surgeries and medications. A complete physical examination is administered including examinations the abdomen, nervous system and in some cases, the pelvis or rectum.

Sometimes a doctor may refer a patient to a specialist such as a urologist or urogynecologist. These specialists treat urinary tract infection problems.

The Bladder Exam

A health care provider will usually perform tests depending on which type of bladder problem you have. Before anything else, a urine sample will need to be collected.

Examining The Bladder

Once collected, the amount of urine in the sample as well as its appearance is recorded. Urinalysis (chemical analysis of urine) is performed. This involves analysis under a microscope to determine if there are any abnormalities or infections.

A urine culture is taken using a smear and placing it in a small sterile dish. The dish is left to sit for a few days to observe any signs of growing bacteria. If bacteria is present and growing on sample urine smear after a few days, then this is a sign of urinary tract infection.

If one is diagnosed with a tract infection, they will most likely be referred to a urologist or a urogynecologist (for women).

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