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Foods That Help Insomnia

Insomnia Foods

You toss and turn in bed, wondering what you could do differently to get a good night's rest. Although it may be hard to imagine, making changes in what you eat could end your sleepless nights. Below are six foods that you should add to your diet if you're looking to beat insomnia.

Warm Milk

When you were young, your mother may have allowed you to drink a warm glass of milk before you headed off to bed. Although it may sound childish, this isn't a practice that insomnia sufferers should give up! When milk is warmed, it releases the natural sleep aid tryptophan into your body. If you can't stomach straight milk, consider adding some honey. Chocolate may make it more bearable but, since it contains caffeine, is not the best choice.

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Chamomile Tea

If you're looking for a relaxing drink but don't feel up to hot milk, consider pouring yourself a glass of chamomile tea. Although research is shaky about its ability to put people to sleep, chamomile tea is often calming and relaxing – both important toward lowering stress and giving you the ability to rest your mind and body.


When you think of the word "opium", you don't usually envision the leafy green produce we pick in our garden; however, lettuce is shown to contain an opium-related substance which may help you to drift off to dreamland if consumed before bed time.


There are several herbs and natural products which can help to relieve the causes of insomnia and promote better sleeping habits. Valerian Root is beneficial in reducing stress while Jatamanshuiand calms the central nervous system. To get the best out of the available herbs, consider taking natural sleep aids to cure your insomnia. Since these sleep aids are low risk, you can enjoy the benefits of a good night's rest without the fear of addiction or side effects.


Consuming complex carbohydrates before bed will help your body to produce serotonin, the hormone you need to fall asleep. Some foods that contain these complex carbohydrates include brown rice, cereal, potatoes, and pastas.

Red Meats

Your inability to sleep may be a symptom of anemia, which is a lack of blood that often results from an iron deficiency. To replace iron in your body, you should start consuming more red meats. Since these meats can reverse the benefits of carbohydrates, you should eat them earlier in the day.

The next time you find yourself caught in a web of sleepless nights, remember that what you eat may be playing a big role in your insomnia. With the right changes in diet, your bed may become a friend again.

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