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Foods For A Healthy Bladder

Eating For A Healthy Bladder

If it goes in, then it must come out; oddly enough, we rarely associate what we eat with the way that our bladder functions. The two may be more closely related than we realize. Wouldn't it be wonderful to improve bladder control just by changing your diet? If you choose the right foods, this idea could easily become a reality. Below you will find some of the foods that can help to keep your bladder healthy and in good condition.



Remember how your mother always forced gallons of cranberry juice into your system whenever you had a urinary problem? As it turns out, she was right: Consuming cranberries is one of the very best things that you can do for your bladder's health. Full of antioxidants, cranberries help to ward off the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.


Rich in fiber, bananas help to regulate your system and prevent constipation. When constipated, pressure builds up against your bladder, resulting in many problems.

Whole Grains

Just like bananas, whole grains are full of fiber and will help to keep your body regular, avoiding unwanted pressure against your bladder.


Aside from being great for your urinary system, yogurt can also help to prevent bladder cancer and has been shown to ward of yeast infections in women.


A high alkaline food, pears can help to balance your system. Not only will this be good for your bladder, but eating high-alkaline foods has been shown to promote better all-around health.


Although it's not really considered a food, consuming plenty of water is vital to good bladder health. By flushing toxins out of your system, water can help to prevent infection and also keep your bladder functioning regularly and properly.

If you already deal with incontinence problems, it's important that you keep them under control while you work to change your diet and improve your bladder. Rather than resign yourself to using adult pull-ups or taking dangerous prescription drugs, look into natural bladder control formulas which contain ingredients like pumpkin seed and soy germ extract. By only using natural products, these formulas will help to heal your body without the high risk of side effects found with other treatment options.

No one should be forced to deal with bladder problems. Start taking control of your urinary health today and start making changes in your diet so that you can promote better bladder function.

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