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The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy Drink Dangers

While many people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or throughout the day to receive a jolt of energy, more and more people are turning to energy drinks for stimulation. Energy drinks are often found in gas stations and convenience stores, and unfortunately, not many studies have been conducted to assess the safety of these drinks. In fact, there have been some incidents of cardiac arrest or death involving the over-consumption of energy drinks, meaning they may not be as safe as some people believe. Furthermore, some energy drink manufacturers go so far as to claim that their products offer health benefits, but what's the truth?

Energy Drinks
Most energy drinks contain a large amount of caffeine, which is meant to give energy; however, the problem with caffeine is that it's only a temporary fix. After the effects of caffeine have worn off, the body then plunges even deeper into a state of lethargy, leading to more caffeine consumption. This cycle continues until the body is drained of energy, meaning energy drinks don't really solve the problem in the first place.

As mentioned, some energy drink manufacturers include additives such as B vitamins in their products. While these vitamins are helpful in increasing metabolism and assisting in healthy skin growth, the amounts of these vitamins found in most energy drinks is negligible. In addition, most energy drinks include high amounts of sugars, often cancelling out any health benefits that drinkers may receive from vitamins. Like most soda products, energy drinks also often contain high fructose corn syrup and chemical additives. These additives, such as aspartame, can often cause a variety of health problems, including the development of some cancers. When combined with sugar, many additives in energy drinks also lead to increased calories and increased weight gain.

If you're one of the many people who seek a boost in energy from these drinks, you may actually want to consider natural alternatives. There are a variety of products available which can naturally deliver energy by working with your body's own chemicals and systems. Unlike energy drinks, these products don't use sugars or caffeine to provide energy, but instead, they use ingredients found in nature, meaning they may be safer for you. Furthermore, many caffeine-based energy drinks are addicting and may cause trouble sleeping, which ultimately causes stress. Using natural sleep aids and stress reducers can assist you in keeping your body in a natural rhythm, all without leading to habitual behavior.

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