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Collagen And Elastin Skin Health

Stomach Stretch Marks

Successful treatments for stretch mark removal should contain a way to regenerate new collagen and elastin cells. But, what is collagen and elastin? These are the two main proteins occurring naturally in your body.

Collagen is what is responsible for keeping your skin together or durability. It is one of the important building blocks for the skin. Collagen cells are created from the inside to form the structure of your skin. It connects and also supports other tissues in the body including, bone, muscle, and cartilage. Collagen gives tissues in your body firmness, form and tensile strength. It keeps your skin resilient and works hand in hand with elastin.

Thigh Stretch Marks

Elastin gives skin elasticity, hence its name. This protein increases your body's ability to recreate collagen. It is responsible for the skins flexibility as well as its tightness. Elastin allows your skin to bounce back into place when being pulled. If you have good elastin levels in your skin tissue then your skin should return to its normal shape and position after being pulled. In addition, it is what keeps your skin smooth while it is stretched so that physical activities can be accommodated with out experiencing break or tears in skin from normal flexing movements. It also improves the thickness of the top layer of your skin. Elastin gives your skin that smooth feel and even color.

A good quality stretch mark cream not only moisturizes your skin but contains select ingredients that significantly increase the body's ability to produce collagen and elastin cells. Creams that reduce the existence of damaged skin tissue due to over-stretching of collagen and elastin fibers are also recommended.

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