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Symptoms Of Bladder Control Problems

The main symptom is incontinence, which describes the lack of urine flow control from the bladder. Functional incontinence occurs when you are not aware that you have to urinate or are not able to hold urine until you can pass it. However, there are more symptoms requiring consideration.

Symptoms Of Bladder Problems

A feeling of urgency or the feeling of having to go to the bathroom all the time is another symptom. Frequency or the constant need to pass urine more times than usual is another.

Once you make it to the restroom, you may experience difficult in starting (to pass urine). This is called hesitancy.

Do you experience a burning pain when passing urine? Painful or difficult urination is also called dysura and is generally connected with bladder infections.

Other symptoms one may experience include:

  • Hematuria - a pinkish color in urine indicating the presence of blood in urine.
  • Nocturia - a condition that describes excessive urination at night. This is appears to be common in older men.
  • Dribbling – continuing drops of urine after urination is complete. In men. This can be a result of lagging urine in the urethra. In women, this could be a result of some urine retention in a urethral diverticulum. The diverticulum is small bulging sac that pushes outward from the wall of the colon.
  • Straining - the act of squeezing external sphincter to force urination.
  • Nocturnal enuresis, commonly known as “bedwetting” – This problem can originate from either a blockage or some sort of nerve problem. The cause is not always known. The main sufferers of this type of bladder control problem are children under 3 years of age. The occurrence of nocturnal enuresis decreases as children get older.

Bladder Problem SymptomsThere are supplements available to assist you in correcting problems with bladder problems of all kinds. If you are not sure, or have tried everything and nothing seems to be working for you, then you should make an appointment with your health care provider. The problem could be a result of a medical condition that a supplement cannot treat.

Either way, you do have options available to you so that you do not have to continue living with bladder problems all your life.

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