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Angular Cheilitis

Curing Angular Cheilitis Naturally

Just because you don't recognize the name doesn't mean that angular cheilitis doesn't exist. Many people across the country find themselves the victims of angular cheilitis, a disorder which causes the corners of one's mouth to become cracked, dry, swollen, and red. Although angular cheilitis is not life-threatening and will not spread from person-to-person, it can be embarrassing and sufferers often find themselves self-conscious because of their condition. This article will explain some of the ways that those who suffer from angular cheilitis can find healing without turning to risky medications.

Curing Angular Cheilitis Naturally

1. Acidic substances can often cause your angular cheilitis to flair. Try to avoid touching acidic things to your lips. Orange juice, which is one of the most acidic drinks available, should be avoided as it causes lips to become irritated and painful.

2.Probiotics are great for preventing or killing a fungus. You can purchase probiotics in capsule form, but make sure they are all-natural and they contain live bacteria.

3. Increasing your intake of vitamin B is a great way to heal angular cheilitis. Vitamins B-2, B-3, and B-6 can be taken through supplemental capsules or by improving your diet. If you want to add vitamin B to your meals, try to eat more liver, leafy veggies, peanuts, and cauliflower.

4. Aside from taking vitamin B, you should try to incorporate other vitamins in your diet by taking supplemental capsules or by working to add them to your diet. Not only will this help to clear up your angular cheilitis, but it can also improve you overall health.

5. Going on a water-only fast can help to kill the fungus which is causing your lip problems. Although many people find it hard or even impossible to endure a fast, others report that taking in only water cured their angular cheilitis within three days.

6. Avoid taking substances which will cause a fungus to grow. Some of these include sugars, breads, candy, yeast, and alcohol.

By taking the proper steps to prevent and cure your angular cheilitis, you can once again have the healthy, beautiful lips that have been missing in your life without turning to the dangerous and ineffective medicines that most doctors offer.

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